The Best of 2017

Things You Can Control

Your beliefs.

Your attitude.

Your thoughts.

Your perspective.

How honest you are.

Who your friends are.

What books you read.

How often you exercise.

The type of food you eat.

How many risks you take.

How kind you are to others.

How you interpret situations.

How kind you are to yourself.

How often you say “I love you”.

How often you say “thank you”.

How you express your feelings.

Whether or not you ask for help.

How often you practice gratitude.

How many times you smile today.

The amount of effort you put forth.

How you spend / invest your money.

How much time you spend worrying.

How often you think about your past.

Whether or not you judge other people.

Whether or not you try again after a setback.

How much you appreciate the things you have.

Caleb LP Gunners
Becoming Unbusy™️

~ Dorothy

6 thoughts on “The Best of 2017

  1. 2017 pictures say the year is gone but the memories will linger for awhile.

  2. Wowowowow . love the outdoor shots. Actually I keeping three of them. Awesome.
    Peggy Laswell

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