Pulled Pork Enchiladas

For our Christmas dinner, Randy and I decided to have pulled pork enchiladas.  Randy smoked the pork butt and pulled it for me on Christmas Eve.  I also made the enchilada sauce on Christmas Eve, to give the flavors a chance to get to know each other overnight.

To make the enchilada sauce, I blended the oil and flour together.

That mixture bubbled and boiled for about a minute over medium heat.

I tossed in the remaining ingredients … the crushed tomatoes …

… The water …

… The spices ….

… And stirred the sauce until all the ingredients were blended.

I simmered and stirred the sauce until it thickened, about ten minutes.

As it was cooling, I realized that I had forgotten to add the sugar.  So I did.  Add the sugar.

On Christmas Day, it was time to assemble the enchiladas.  I grated a pile of cheddar cheese.  I think Monterey Jack would be good, too.  Or, a blend of both cheddar and jack.

I sprayed my roasting pan with non-stick spray, then spread a few spoonfuls of enchilada sauce over the bottom of the pan.

In a bowl, I mixed the pulled pork, a small can each of sliced mushrooms and olives.  The question does cross my mind when I make enchiladas, “Do mushrooms belong in this?”  At our house, yes, they do.

Into the pulled pork mixture, I also tossed in some cheese.  Not all that I had shredded, just a decent-sized handful.

Into that mixture, I mixed in 1/2 cup of the enchilada sauce.  As you can see, my mixing bowl is pretty close to capacity at this point.  The test now is to mix everything up and not spill over the side.

I did it !

Now it is time to assemble the enchiladas.  I spooned the pulled pork filling along the center of the tortilla, rolled them up and …

… Placed them seam-side down in the roasting pan.  I used flour tortillas, as I like them better than corn.

The ratio of tortilla to filling mixture never comes out even, and I had a bit of the pulled pork mixture leftover.  I stirred that into the remaining enchilada sauce …

… And spread that mixture over the enchiladas ….

… Then I topped it all with the rest of the cheese.  I covered the pan with foil, popped the pan into the oven and baked them for forty-five minutes at 350°.

I took the foil off the pan, put the pan back into the oven for about fifteen more minutes to melt the cheese.  I let them sit for a few minutes, then Randy, Roxy and I feasted on our delicious Christmas dinner.

Here is the recipe for the enchilada sauce.  The rest of the recipe is in my head.

~ Dorothy

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