The Best of September 2017

Oh, my holy stars !  January is near over.  And I am behind on my monthly recaps for the last months of 2017.  At the rate that I am going, I will still be working on last year as this year speeds past me.

My butterfly bushes were growing and blooming and attracting all sorts of flying creatures … even butterflies.

And then … the deer found my backyard flowerbed.  They feasted on the new growth on the yarrow and butterfly bushes.  I had planted the before mentioned butterfly bushes, yarrow and ornamental grass, thinking the plants would not tempt Roxy and Otis to chase each other around in the flowerbed.  Foolish me.  The plants didn’t bother them a bit.  Between the dogs and the deer, I have nothing left and will have to start all over this coming spring.

Speaking of the deer, they also managed to strip this woodland shrub of it’s leaves … leaving the nasty thorns behind.

This little guy was our pet for a while.  He spent his days with us on the patio table.  Randy enjoyed making him do tricks … like jumping and riding his web like a zip-line.

Randy found this bug carcass by the electrical plugins.  He knew that I would want to take pictures of it.  He was right.  Randy finally chased me and my camera away saying, “That’s enough, I have work to do.”

Randy made me a rock cairn so I could find my way home.  He is kind that way.

I still found fungi around the yard, despite the heat and the lack of water.

September was the month of smoke from the forest fires in the area.

This is what the sun looked like through the smoke.  The moon was just as beautiful, but I didn’t get any good shots of it.

What is funny (at least to me) is that now this field and the mountains beyond it are covered in snow.

Rich and Candy stopped by on their way home to Long Beach Washington from Montana.  Randy and I met Rich and Candy at Birdland Bay RV Resort in Thompson Falls Montana in 2014.  Birdland Bay is one of our favorite places and we are looking forward to going back.

Rich and Candy’s beautiful pup, Hetty, had just had surgery and wasn’t supposed to run and jump and play.  Hetty is such a pretty girl and she all healed up now !

Otis didn’t understand Hetty’s inability to run and jump and play.  Hetty didn’t understand, either.

While we were visiting with Rich and Candy on the patio, Papa Bluebird preened for us.

Otis’ motto :  Always know where your balls are.

As we drove down Spring Valley on the start of an adventure towards Metaline Falls, we came up behind our neighbor, Pete, doing some cycling.  Roxy and Otis barked their greeting to Pete.

When we have the dogs with us (which is most of the time) we are never able to sneak up on anybody.

Roxy is zeroed in … looking for critters.

We drove north on ‘the’ (*) 20 which runs along the beautiful Pend Oreille River

Randy took a slight detour into the tiny town of Usk.

Where the Pend Oreille River is still as beautiful.

Horse bum !

Our next stop was the Sweet Creek Rest Area, where Randy, Roxy, Otis and I took a short walk to the falls.

At first glance, this plant looked like a pretty vine maple starting to change into its fall colors.

Randy and I soon saw the nasty stickers and spikes all over the vine.  It is called Devil’s Club and as nasty as it looks, it does have some usefulness in treating adult-onset diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

Looks like a woodpecker is making a condominium.

The Spring Creek Falls.

A selfie at Sweet Creek Falls.  Can’t you tell that Randy loves it when I do this?

Roxy and Otis got to do some wading in Spring Creek.

Turkey crossing !

Just before we got to Metaline Falls, we took a detour towards Boundary Dam.  There are beautiful wetlands along the way.

Heading home, I snapped a picture of a perfect example of the gorgeous fall colors we enjoy.

I know in my mind of the exact picture of these boxcars that I am looking to get.  So far, I have not been successful.

Hmmm … maybe the reason that I can’t get the shot is because I am in a vehicle going 50 mph.  The next time we are up that way, I will have Randy pull over so I can take the picture the right way.

Roxy (and Otis, too) love to help me fold the laundry.

On one of our early morning walks, Otis and I found the neighborhood porcupine.

A few days later, Otis and I were walking and it was just getting light.  We were at our corner and heard a mournful and sad cry.  The porcupine was in the neighbor’s yard, and started towards us.  Otis put a stop to that right away …

… Then he spent the better part of the day on alert and watching for the porcupine.

(*) That’s for you, Anita !

~ Dorothy

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