Pillows and Pancakes

Last week, when Otis ‘helped’ me fold a load of laundry, I found a hand towel missing.  It didn’t take me long to figure it out that Roxy had taken it for her very own.  I told her sthat she made a wonderful fashion choice … the towel goes with her outfit perfectly.

Randy, Roxy, Otis and I headed to town earlier this week.  Roxy decided that she needed to take her bone with her.  Between looking out the windows for critters and chewing on her bone, Roxy was kept quite busy.

When one lays their head on their pillow at night (or any other time), one expects to feel the softness of said pillow under their head.  When your pillow deflates to nothing when your head hits it, it is well past time for a new pillow.  That is what I did this week, I bought Randy and me new pillows.  I was a bit skeptical that 1) two queen sized pillows were delivered in a box this small and …

… B) This is what they looked like when I took them out of the box.

Twenty minutes later, I felt a bit better.  For a bit of added fluff, I popped both pillows into the dryer (on low heat) for a few minutes and they fluffed up even more.  Bonus !  Randy and I are one night into using them and so far, so good.

In case you are wondering, if it looks like a dog helps me make the bed, well, you would be correct.

Our snow is quickly melting away, certainly a lot earlier than it did last year.  The picture above was taken on January 18 …

… And this is a picture taken this afternoon of the same spot.

Roxy and Otis enjoyed a bit of sunshine outside today.  Both dogs have been driving us batty with a severe case of spring fever.  Being outside for a while today has been a good thing for all four of us.

I am picking up Dannie (and Mark’s) mail while they are on an adventure to a warmer climate.  I have been reading her People magazines, being careful not to crinkle or spill wine on the pages.  It is a testament to how old I am and how out of touch I am … I have no clue who most of the people in the magazine are.

Thursday, Randy and I got out of the house a bit early to join our friends and neighbors, Harold and Julie and Anita and Bill for breakfast at Annie’s in Spirit Lake Idaho.  Lots of chatter, laughter and good food.

With the help of YouTube, I have taught myself a couple of new crochet stitches.  This one is the star stitch and I am particularly pleased with my choice of yarn colors.  I should finish it this afternoon and will start on a new one … this time a combination of red, black and bright yellow.

Late yesterday afternoon as I sat on the couch working on my star stitch, I glanced over at Otis, who was asleep in the recliner.  This picture doesn’t do him justice, but the sun shining on him made him glow.

Randy and I sure do have beautiful dogs.

~ Dorothy

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