The Week For Losing

I have lost our checkbook, which is really odd since I hardly ever write a paper check and the checkbook has been kept in my large purse, which I never carry.  This large purse holds everything and anything for those ‘just in case’ moments.  Extra medicine, a phone charging cord, pens, lip gloss, wet wipes, pooh bags, a tape measure and more.  I loathe hauling this purse around, and in recent months I have taken just my wallet with me.  I have done fine without all the ‘just in case’ items.  Mostly because the glove box of the truck is loaded with its own set of ‘just in case’ stuff.

I lost our one and only key to our mail box.  I checked the mail last Thursday, came straight home and poof ! The keys were gone.  Luckily, we have a terrific post office and a wonderful mail carrier.  I called the post office this morning to ask about getting a key made.  The helpful lady that answered the phone had me talk to our mail carrier, Lori.  It was my hope that I had left the keys in the lock and Lori put them in our slot.  No such luck.  She wants me to hold off in getting a key made ’cause she is sure they will turn up … and have I looked in my couch cushions ?  (Yes).  Lori also suggested that I call Gary, our neighborhood’s developer.  Lordy be !  Gary has a key to our box!

Of course, I mourn the loss of our one and only mail box key, but I also mourn the loss of the keychain it was on.  It was given to me by Shaun, Cristy, Will and Sammy and had meaningful charms on it.

I know for an absolute fact that the checkbook and the mail slot keys are in the 5th-wheel somewhere.  That “somewhere” has yet to be found, despite Randy and my best search efforts.

Since “things come in threes”, I did lose another item this week.  The item is a secret as it was entrusted to me by someone else.  It was another, “one minute I had it, the next it was gone.”  Unfortunately, the only place it could have disappeared was at the garbage dump.  Randy and I retraced our steps back there was the missing item … it fell out of my lap when I got out of the truck to pay our debt to the state for hauling away our junk.  Thank you, Dear Lord.

I spent the better part of last week crocheting like a mad woman.  I had sold a few of my little blankets and the lady that purchased them needed them by the end of the month.  Man, I loathe deadlines.  Deadlines just make everything go wrong.  And sure enough, my crocheting skills went seriously downhill under the pressure.  I was, however, able to regroup and get the job done and everyone was happy.

Since I wasn’t complexly sick of crocheting, I  decided to teach myself how to crochet a hat.  Now I have to find a baby boy with a head circumference of thirteen inches to give it to.

See, it is a good thing that I carry a tape measure in my big purse.

I was able to get my underwear back from Roxy, but now she has snatched a sock of mine for her very own.  A couple odd things about this sock … 1) I did not drop it on the floor … it, and it’s mate, were on the dresser in the bedroom.  Which means Roxy had to have jumped up on the dresser to get it.  And B) Yesterday Randy and I were getting ready to take the dogs on a walk around the neighborhood.  I misplaced my socks and was muttering, “where are my socks, where are my socks?”  Roxy jumped up on the bed and grabbed her sock off the bed and brought it to me.

Our dogs are amazing.

I am so very proud of Otis.  Santa brought both dogs sock monkey squeaky toys for Christmas.  Otis kept his intact for a whole month before he chewed the nose off of the monkey.  That is a record.  And our boy loves his toys and treasures.

Speaking of Roxy and Otis … Roxy got a mean streak in her one day.  She trapped Otis in the bedroom by laying on the landing to the stairs.  Otis is too much of a gentleman to jump over her.  It was a tense situation for a while, but they worked it out.  With a little help from Randy and me.

It was bound to happen, and it finally did.  We have acquired a mouse in the house.  So far, he (or she) has been confined to under the kitchen sink.  The attraction is the dog food, and while it is in a closed plastic container, I am sure there are a few stray crumpies scattered around the bottom of the cabinet.

I wanted to borrow Reba and Bennie, a local team of mice catchers to catch our mouse.  But Reba and Bennie are on some fancy vacation in California.  They were willing to fly back to help, but they only fly first class.  Randy went old school and set a couple of traps.

It just dawned on me … it was the House Mouse has pilfered the checkbook and the keys!

~ Dorothy

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