Good Things On A Thursday


The Seahawks made it to Super Bowl XLVlll!  How great is that?  Although, I will have a conundrum … I, of course, will cheer for the Seahawks.  However, because the Bronco’s team colors are blue and orange – one of the greatest color combinations of all time – and because of my fondness for Peyton Manning, I will have no choice but to also cheer for them.  I will endeavor to divide my cheering fairly.


Otis’ has a new swat team harness.  Oh, my goodness is this worth it’s weight in gold.  Otis is so strong that it is impossible to use anything but a harness on him.  Unfortunately, we have gone through about five different ones for him.  Randy and I have learned the hard way that we can’t leave them on him because he likes to chew himself free.  There will be no chewing himself free with this one, and we have a spare ‘just in case’,  because …


… We bought the same swat team harness for Roxy.  It is more than a little bit of over-kill for our dainty princess.

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If I were to pick one show that I have missed since we stopped traditional television, it would be watching Dr Phil.  Catherine’s Landing, the campground that we stayed in-between Christmas and New Year’s, offered cable TV to their guests.  While not the highlight of my day, reuniting with Dr Phil was very close to the top.


I have started up with crocheting again.  It has been a long while since I have picked up yarn and a crochet hook.  My first project is a scarf.  I thought I would make it from some fancy yarn.  Oh, my stars!  That fancy yarn is really hard to work with.  I went back to the traditional Red Heart yarn in no time.


I made chicken pot pie for dinner last night – that alone is a good thing, because it is one of my favorite things to eat.  I even splurged and made it with crust – usually I just make the insides and serve it over rice or cous cous.  I don’t do pie crust.  The real good thing?  This wonderful man I married passed on the leftovers today so that I could have them for lunch.


I am healed!  After 3-1/2 months and close to $6000, I am healed.  I can wear shoes again and I have put all the gauze, surgical tape, compression bandages, saline wash, Aquacel Extra and the like away for good.  I will make it my life’s work to never walk backwards and trip over a campfire ring ever again.

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