Whippetville, Misery

The thought of adding a second princess dog to the family hasn’t left our minds.  Shortly after our afternoon with Flirt (who has since been adopted by a family with three kids), Randy and I did some searching on the inter-web and came across Willow Creek Whippets in Granby, Missouri.

Randy and I are intrigued by Whippets.  Whippets are a medium-sized breed in the sighthound family, similar to a greyhound in body style. The traits that a Whippet has, such as being emotional, prone to relaxing during the day, being chased as it’s idea of fun, makes Randy and I think more and more that Roxy is a Whippet / Lab mix.

Randy also thought that adding a puppy, rather than an older dog into our family would be easier for Roxy to adapt to.

I spent some time on the Willow Creek Whippet website, as well on the phone to Kim, who owns Willow Creek Whippets along with her husband, Marcus.  Kim’s website is very informative and Kim was more than helpful on the phone when I explained to her about Roxy’s idiosyncracies.

Randy, Roxy and I were all itching for a family adventure, so the day after the puppies turned two weeks old, we loaded up the car and headed up to Granby, Misery to pay a visit to Kim and her Whippets.  (Edna, who lives inside of our GPS, has not yet learned how to pronounce ‘Missouri’ correctly.)

It wouldn’t be a proper McDaniel family adventure if we weren’t able to get behind a slow moving vehicle of some sort.  This trip it was a group of motorcyclists who didn’t have gas pedals on their motorcycles.

Kim and Marcus have thirteen dogs of their own. Thirteen! Holy Whippet, Batman!  All but two are Whippets.  They breed their Whippets and average about four litters a year.  Their Wippet puppies are in great demand and there is always a waiting list for them.  However, the litter that was born on September 10th is all female and the customers on the waiting list were after males.  With only one of the five puppies being spoken for, Randy, Roxy and I had the ‘pick of the litter’ so to speak.

Kim was very understanding and had all but one of her dogs outside when we got there.  Roxy was welcomed into her house like a long-lost friend.

Along with her dog-children, Kim and Marcus have four birds, an assortment of fish and a couple of groundhogs that have adopted them.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a cat or two hanging around.  On top of this, they also foster abandoned animals when needed.

This is Rosie, who can be very vocal when she wants to be.

This is Bozo.

Here are most of her females.  For obvious reasons, the three males are kept separate.  If you don’t understand what I mean, you may want to have a chat with your parents.

After a bit, Kim brought out Blossom, one of her Whippets.  Blossom is a beautiful and loving dog.  She had no problem getting to know us.

Roxy showed a tiny bit of interest in Blossom by trying to sneak up on her.

Blossom, however, was not so stealthy in her effort to get to know Roxy.

After a while, Kim brought out Avalon and her basket’o puppies.  Hey!  I have that same laundry basket at home.  Our new puppy will feel right at home.  In all the excitement, I didn’t  get a picture of Avalon, the puppies momma, who is a very pretty black and white Whippet.

This is Daisy, the puppy that we have claimed as our own.  (Please don’t mention that I look a bit cross-eyed in the picture.  My parents spent quite a bit of money trying to fix that when I was a kid.)  Daisy has black brindle coloring with white markings.  It took us a couple of days of us throwing around a lot of names, but Randy and I finally decided to rename her Dixie.

While Roxy showed a tiny bit curiosity towards Daisy / Dixie, she was more than content to find a corner of living room where she could sit out of the way and observe the goings-on.  Randy and I are very proud of her.  This was the first time in a strange house, and with all the excitement, she behaved herself quite properly.

Kim’s dogs are beautiful and Kim is very knowledgeable about them.  What was amazing to me is that she knows who is who’s grandparent, parent, sibling, cousin, etc.  I asked her if she had a flowchart somewhere!

After a couple of hours talking Whippets with Kim, Randy and I could tell that Roxy was exhausted.  We made a stop in Berryville for a hamburger at McDonald’s, something that we rarely do.  I decided it was the best hamburger that I had ever had – a sure sign of how tired and hungry I was.

Dixie is now three weeks old and we plan to see her towards the end of this month.  Kim will let us take her home shortly after her ten-week birthday.  That gives Roxy time to have the thought of a companion sink in.


Have the BEST day ever!

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  1. Love your wippet adventure at Willow Creek. I live in Mountain Home. Whippets are my passion. Currently do not have one, but am looking for one.

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