RV Park Reviews ~ The Three Worst in Texas

RV Ranch RV Park Keene TX 1

RV Ranch in Keene Texas has the dubious honor of being the best of the three worst RV parks we have stayed at while traveling through Texas.  The park is fairly large, over 250 sites, with both back-in and pull-thru sites.  While I am not sure if all the sites have full hookups, we did at our site.  The WiFi signal at the park was decent and cable TV is not offered.

RV Ranch RV Park Keene TX 2

Finding the park was no problem, however, there is not a designated staging area for RV’s while checking in.  Randy ended up blocking the parking lot while I register.  The owners seem to have their business fingers in quite a few operations.  There is a pizza place, a tanning salon and a movie rental store in the building.  Plus, it looked like they were getting ready to open a gift shop as well.

RV Ranch RV Park Keene TX 3

While the park is large, most all of the sites are filled with permanent residents in all sorts of rigs.  From the looks of the decks that have been built onto the RV’s, the lawn ornaments and such, these people have been there for a while and intend on staying.

This is one of those parks that has pull-thru sites where the center sites of each row alternate the direction the coach comes in.  I loathe those kind of pull-thru.  That means, unless we were given an end site, our door would be facing our neighbor.  Since the sites were very close together and we didn’t want to get to know our neighbor, I made sure that we got an end site.

RV Ranch RV Park Keene TX 4

As far as cleanliness goes, the park was okay.  There is a nasty pond in the center of the park (did they really have to post the ‘no swimming’ signs?) with a bit of grass around it.  The grass needed mowing, but this area was our only option to walk Roxy and Otis.

RV Ranch RV Park Keene TX 7

One problem that Randy and I had with RV Ranch was that it was crowded and RV’s were squished in tight.  The most important issue was that there was no suitable area to walk Roxy and Otis.  Sure, we could walk them around the on the roads of the park, but there isn’t much for grass for them to sniff around in.  Plus, once the workers got home from work and getting their kids from school and / or daycare, the place was a flurry of activity.

RV Ranch RV Park Keene TX 8

I do have a funny story to tell about this park.  Well, now it is funny.  Roxy and I were walking one evening towards the back of the park.  We were approaching a man who was leaning on his pickup truck, which was parked in front of his older trailer.  As we got closer, the man looks at me, motions me over to him and says, “Come here, I have something for you” and then turns to fiddle with something on the passenger side of his truck.
I have heard that line in movies and TV shows and the outcome is never good.
Roxy and I were planning our escape options.

RV Ranch RV Park Keene TX 9

He turned back towards us and said, “Here baby, I have something for you”.
Gulp.  I have never, ever heard that line from a man and I never, ever wanted to.
Thank the good Lord that he just wanted to give Roxy a pet and a treat.  Bobby is now Roxy’s good friend.  Bobby and I chatted for a while and then Roxy and I continued on our walk with my pockets full of treats to share with Otis.

RV Ranch RV Park Keene TX 10

The pool area looked nice, and even though the weather was warm enough, I never saw anyone using it.

RV Ranch RV Park Keene TX 5

This is one of two laundry, restroom and shower facilities.  From what I could see, they looked to be decent on the inside.

RV Ranch could be suitable for an overnight stay.  It just won’t be on our list of places to stay.

Texas RV Park Big Spring TX 12

The second worst RV Park that we have visited in Texas is the Texas RV Park in Big Spring.

Texas RV Park Big Spring TX 14

The first clue was the condition of the office inside.  It was a dilapidated mess.  While the young lady in the office knew what site we had been assigned, she did not know how to register us or take my money. I was to come back in fifteen minutes when the owner would be back.

I knew that Randy and I probably would not be comfortable at this park, but decent RV parks in this area were few and far between.  We had some daily life things that we needed to catch up on and was forced to stay in Big Spring for a couple of days.

Texas RV Park Big Spring TX 26

The first site that Randy and I were assigned was swimming in water and mud.  Also, there was no faucet attached to the water supply pipe.  The park is large and spread out.  Since I didn’t feel like hiking back to the nasty office, I called and asked the young lady what was the water situation at our site.

I should have known that the young lady who wasn’t versed in taking money would not be privy to information about the water issue.  After a few phone calls back and forth and a bit of confusion and frustration, I just told her that we were going to take the site next door to us.

Texas RV Park Big Spring TX 8

Well, that site may have been free of mud and water and had a faucet on the water pipe, but the water was turned off.  Randy and I got everything else set up and then I walked to the office to pay and ask about the water.  I was told that they were waiting for something to dry and then the water would be back on.

Texas RV Park Big Spring TX 2

Six hours later in upper 80° temperatures in West Texas, that something had not dried because we still did not have water.  Nor did the people from Denver who pulled into our original site.

Texas RV Park Big Spring TX 3

Roxy and I ventured out on a walk of exploration and ended up near the office where the restrooms and showers were located.  Apparently, the entire park had a water situation as there was a sign on the restroom doors that the water was off.

Texas RV Park Big Spring TX 4

The RV Park has about 100 sites and 99.9% of those were filled with Texas oil field workers.  The pull-through site that we had was at the end of a string of five.  Those sites are obviously saved for people like us who are just passing through.

Those sites are somewhat level gravel, big-rig friendly with a bit of grass, a dreadful picnic table.  The WiFi is not good, but cable TV was included in the price of the site.  The signal for the TV was good.

Texas RV Park Big Spring TX 6

This is dry, windy and dusty West Texas and no outdoor fires are allowed.

Texas RV Park Big Spring TX 24

Texas RV Park is pet friendly, though there isn’t much for nice areas to walk the dogs.  The bulletin board stated that no aggressive breeds are allowed and that dogs could not be over twenty-five pounds.  When I checked in and told the young lady that we had two dogs with us, she asked no questions about them.

The picture above shows the combination tent / on-leash dog area.  It was as nasty as the rest of the place.  I really didn’t understand the wisdom of combining a dog walk with the tent area.

Texas RV Park Big Spring TX 9

It does look like the owners have put some money into an outdoor fire pit, but either ran out of money or desire to finish the job before the fire pit was completed.  It was filled with nasty water.

At least some place in the RV park had water.

Texas RV Park Big Spring TX 1

The fence in the above picture marks where a nature trail starts.  Ummm … I think I will pass on that walk.

Texas RV Park Big Spring TX 11

The RV park does sell propane.

Texas RV Park Big Spring TX 17

The Cowboy Hall which sleeps up to four.

Texas RV Park Big Spring TX 19

The Texan which is a four-apartment dormitory.

Texas RV Park Big Spring TX 25

The two cabins that are for rent.

Texas RV Park Big Spring TX 18

The water had yet to be turned on by the time we left after our two-night stay.  While we lived through those two nights, Big Texas RV Park is not a place that Randy and I would recommend for anybody.

Texas RV Park Big Spring TX 21

The good news ~ we never once saw a police vehicle drive through the park.  That means the Texas RV Park in Big Spring Texas is one notch above the Auburn Game Farm Park in Auburn Washington.

LaVedera RV Park LaMesa TX 1

The worst in Texas, by far, has been La Vedera RV Park in La Mesa. When Randy and I pulled in, we both got the impression that the park was in some sort of ownership transition.  The park offers a multitude of amenities … a convenience store, small RV repairs, and a meeting hall for events.

I did find it interesting that if you book the meeting hall for a dance, the hiring of security is mandatory.

LaVedera RV Park LaMesa TX 2

All the sites are level gravel pull-throughs with full hookups.  All sites are big-rig friendly.  WiFi is only available at the convenience store, not at the individual site.  No cable TV is offered.

LaVedera RV Park LaMesa TX 3

While the park is right off of the highway, there isn’t much for traffic through La Mesa at night, so it is quiet.

The park is pet friendly.  However, there isn’t much for nice areas – grassy or otherwise – to walk a pet.  There have been few places where I didn’t feel comfortable being out alone walking Roxy or Otis and this part is one of them.

The RV park is a garbage filled mess.  There is every kind of refuse littering the park.

There are a few full-time residents at the park.  Those rigs are in various states of disrepair.

Restrooms and showers were advertised, but trust me, I did not check them out.

DSC 1244

Roxy and I both agree that this place isn’t even suited for a single night stay.

LaVedera RV Park LaMesa TX 4

Even the rabbits were begging us to take them with us when we left the next morning.

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  1. I think I have to agree with you on a tight fit and to close together. I think I might of pass on it and even though I might be tired I would of push to the next one. Hell a rest area would of been better. haha. Did ya stay long? For the most part it was ok I also agree with you.

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